Since the foundation of YYCC (the company behind Blue de Gênes) in 1983, the core values of the company have been honesty, loyalty and good relationships. We believe that our success should never be at the expense of other people, animals or the environment. Social responsibility is therefore an integrated part of our business strategy. Below, we have listed the three areas, which we constantly work on developing.



Good relations are important to us and we believe that trust and product innovation are developed over years of working together. We therefore have long-time relations with many of our suppliers and visit them regularly to discuss possibilities for a more responsible business in regards to new production methods, packaging or the use of organic cotton in our products. All of our suppliers are required to sign our Code of Conduct and thereby work towards alignment with the internationally recognised principles for sustainable development.



We believe that it is important to help wherever possible and for the past years, we have been supporting both local cultural organisations as “Godset” in Kolding, as well as national organisations like “Cykelnerven”, “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” and “Danmarks Indsamling”. We also support the social economic company “BEVAR” that creates jobs by upcycling our discarded denim and other fabrics, which would otherwise have been thrown away. Our latest initiative is to sponsor The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Aarhus - an event that raises funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and men's mental health.



It is of great importance to us that our employees are part of a positive work environment and job satisfaction is therefore something we strive for. We offer our employees the following benefits: insurance, lunch, massage, training programs and pension. Our employees are the backbone of our company and we believe that happy employees are dedicated employees. Together, we will make the difference and achieve better results than anticipated.