About us

Founded in Denmark in 2010 on the values of craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to detail, we go to work every day with a vision to create products that never go out of style, can be used for a long time and will age beautifully upon wear. To do our designs justice, we source quality materials from around the world, add a sense of craftsmanship and use traditional techniques of making clothes. We do so to honor the story behind blue jeans – a story that has been our beacon since our foundation.


Focusing on quality materials and attention to details, we offer a full clothing line, featuring strong identity jeans, authentic knitwear, tailored waistcoats and jackets, inspired by clothing as it looked in the 1600s in Genoa. Claiming that indigo is ”flowing in our veins”, we promise to continue the legacy of Genoa. We put a lot of effort into every detail of our jeans, whether that being the fabric quality, the fit and feeling, the buttons or the wash of the jeans. Jeans are the very soul of Blue de Gênes and we never compromise. The finest fabrics are sourced from the best suppliers, our buttons and rivets are customized and branded, giving the jeans the final touch.


All of our jeans are with chain stitch at the hem and waistband. This is the original way and one of the ways you recognize a premium denim product. We use leather reinforcements as unique details, angle our coin pockets slightly and line the back pockets for longer durability - just like they did about 400 years ago when clothing was made to last. We are adamant when it comes to quality. This gives our jeans character. It is truly in the details.


To honor the history of jeans, we produce our jeans at a small family-owned factory in northern Italy. It took a while to find a factory with the same love for the product - putting in the same amount of effort as we do. But we succeeded - and it shows when you hold the product. We love beautiful, washed jeans and there is no place in the world where they wash jeans as beautiful as in Italy. You genuinely feel the love, effort and craftsmanship that have been put into making every pair of Blue de Gênes.

Our suppliers are based around the world and 95 percent of our production is based in Europe at small family-owned companies in areas where they have specialized in their category. Our shirts are therefore made in Portugal, some of our pants are made in Turkey and some of our belts are made in Austria. Common to all of our suppliers are the long-term relations we have with them.

Buttons made of natural materials

There is something almost magical about the Corozo nut. Corozo nuts are the seeds of the Tagua palms, which grow all over South America, from northern Peru through Ecuador, Colombia to Panama. The seeds have been used for making buttons since long before plastic was invented, making this an old and special craft. Also known as vegetable ivory, the scratch and water resistant Corozo nut is a sustainable alternative with a natural grain that makes each button unique.

We honor this old craftsmanship by always using buttons made of Corozo nut in our shirt production to complement our designs.

Towards a brighter blue

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is fast fashion and for many it has become a challenge to wear a piece of clothing more than five times. The reason: poor quality fabrics and fast shifting trends. At Blue de Gênes, we want to do things differently. We go to work every day with a vision to create products that never go out of style, can be used for a long time and will age beautifully upon wear. Like a pair of dry blue jeans that has been broken in and faded in a special way unique to the wearer.

We want to create garments that you collect and hold
on to.

The journey

The next step for us as a brand is to introduce even more products made of organic and recycled materials. Off course, without compromising on quality. We have already intensified our resaerch on fabrics and our collaboration with our suppliers so that we all work towards a common goal. We still have a long way to go but even the longest journey started with the first step.

The journey has begun.