The Store Check Series
April, 2023


In the heart of the old city in St. Gallen, Switzerland we step into Jeanswerk - a not so typical fashion store placed in a charming old building. Here we meet with Matt, Thomas and Mona who are welcoming us with a smile. With more than 30 years of retail experience, the last 8 of them at JW, Matt shows us around the store.

So Matt, what kind of store is Jeanswerk?

"Well, Jeanswerk is a not so typical fashion store placed in the heart of the old city of St. Gallen Switzerland. It’s not a conventional fashion store – we have no loud pop music or hectic salespeople. Instead, we offer a relaxed atmosphere and professional advice. We will show you our shop over a good whiskey or a cup of coffee and tell you about the exciting stories behind the brands that we carry. The store is around 380 square meters divided on two floors with a beautiful, vaulted cellar on the lower floor."

How are the brands selected?

"We attach great importance to high-quality and authentic clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women. We select only brands that we know thoroughly - brands that we can stand behind 100 pct. We try to offer the right outfit for every occasion – be it casual, business or even for a wedding. We prefer products for the long run, robust and heavy fabrics weather that being jeans, for shirts or boots. Denim has been a big part of the store since we opened in 2012 and we work closely together with Japanese, American as well as European brands. We prefer long-time relations to both our suppliers as well as our clients and the easiest and best way to do this is focusing on quality products."

What is the best part of your job?

"The best part of my job is when I get to say goodbye to a happy customer after a long sales consultation – to offer advice and a good service – that is what makes me come to work each day. But the team here is also very important. We have a great team atmosphere which is important for us as workers but also for the customers who come to visit us. We want them to feel like home."

Three quick ones: What’s the best movie you ever saw and why?

"I am a big fan of Quentin Tarantino and his movies. I like how he hasn’t locked himself to one genre like Kill Bill but keeps evolving as a director and screen writer and also creates alternate versions of historical events like he did with Inglorious Bastards. I like his signature trademarks with the extended dialogues, references to popular culture, the easter eggs, the references to other movies and also the references to his own movies…"

" …He has somehow always been able to attract great actors to his movies and some actors are almost self-written to star in his movies – like Samuel L. Jackson who has appeared in seven of his films. My favorite Tarantino movie however is his debut movie - Reservoir Dogs. It’s a powerful cast with Madsen, Keitel, Roth and Buscemi, there is a lot of witty dialogue – for me it’s a crime classic."

What music do you prefer?

"I have a wide taste of music. I’m an old 90’s hip hop fan but I also like the old blues, country and rock and roll. But it needs to be on vinyl. I love the analogue music. I like to dedicate some time to listen to music, put on a record and listen to it in the order and in a proper sound quality like the artist wanted me to when he made the record."

What is the best restaurant in St. Gallen and what dish would you recommend?

"If you come to St. Gallen you should try “Stickerei”. It’s a Bar/Restaurant with maybe the best burgers in Switzerland! Everything is regional and freshly made. The service is great and the atmosphere nostalgic with an old arcade machine, lots of vinyls and great drinks."

Meet Matt, Thomas, Mona and the rest of the team at:

Spisergasse 30
9000 St. Gallen
Tel.: +41 71 222 21 58